My Favorite | Cocktail Rings

My oh my! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love cocktail rings. These rings are also known as right hand rings. I heard a very clever ad campaign that said the left hand says “he” but right hand says “me!”  That really has stuck with me and I love what it implies. Not only that, but I totally agree. Let your left hand show the ring that he wanted to give you to wear to show that you are his wife, but then show your own unique style and taste with something a bit more dramatic. Check out some of these great rings from my Premier Designs jewelry line.

Front row: Cinema, Safari, Melrose        Back Row: Legacy, Magnolia

Being an independent jeweler with Premier Designs is great because not only is this my business where I make money and meet new people, but the best perk is that I get to wear all of my samples and be my own advertisement! I’m like a walking billboard for my business! These rings especially, are so much fun to wear and while they may look bulky or cumbersome, they really are quite the opposite.

I love it when I find something to stand out in a crowd because after all, why be just like everyone else?

If you want to see a few more samples of my jewelry line, check out these pictures.

Do you think you’ll try wearing some of these cocktail rings yourself? Which one is your favorite?