Trends for Fall 2010 | Layered Jewelry

Getting the Look of Layered Jewelry

A simple string of pearls or a diminutive pendant on a chain can create a delicate look of taste and sophistication. But there are times when you want to punch it up a little and take your look to the next level for everyone to see! Or, maybe you’re just bored with the single-chain look. Either way, layered jewelry can help to liven up your wardrobe while allowing you to express your own creativity.

The layered look can be achieved in several ways. First, check your own jewelry box for chains and beads you haven’t worn in a while. Lay them all out where you can take inventory of what you have. Next, try grouping two necklaces together or try stacking three or four bracelets together. Of course, there’s a delicate balance here. You’ll want to avoid layering designs that outright clash with one another. Be especially careful when combining colors, including metal colors, to avoid too much of a hodge-podge look. As a rule (although “matchy” is still out) you want to look for a common theme among pieces: similar textures, colors that subtly work together, or different styles made of the same material.

You can successfully layer groups of bare metal chains (reminiscent of those disco days), bead and pearl strands, and cords and leather with various pendants. Just remember to create an interesting, individual look by combining styles that share a common theme.

A layered look can also be achieved with a multi-strand necklace or bracelet. Designers are producing a lot of these lately, in both eclectic and tailored styles. And don’t be afraid to wrap an extra-long necklace around your neck more than once, or several times over a wrist.

If you don’t find many interesting layering opportunities in your old jewelry, never fear. Shop around our catalog for pieces that will work together with your existing collection.

The A-List necklace from Premier Designs combines different style chains with a common them of color and while mixing the classic look of pearls with the modernness of the polished silver finish.

Here I’ve paired the pop of color from the Firecracker necklace layered with the Langford necklace. Both necklaces have the same medallions on them, but the Langford necklace brings more shine to the look with the polished silver finish. This will look fabulous with a black sweater dress  with fun textured tights and tall boots this winter. This, for sure, should bring you out of the winter blues!

Get out there and try a new jewelry combination at your next event and see what you think.

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