Bored with your wardrobe….

….just add some fun new accessories and watch your closet come alive! This is what I tell ladies at all of my shows and it’s so true! A lot of times, I stand in my closet trying to put together my outfit for the day and I feel that I’ve worn it all so many times before, that nothing seems to stand out. The wonderful thing about Premier Designs, is that they are continually introducing new jewelry into their line to keep things fresh and original. Look at our catalog and you’ll notice that we have timeless pieces…nothing too trendy. You can feel confident that if you buy something today, it will still be fashionable next year too so you can get many seasons of wear out of our jewelry for an affordable price.

We have Pearls, Beads, Silver, Gold, Two-Toned and Tri-Color pieces. We have bib necklaces, bold statement pieces, great every day pieces and ladylike necklaces too. Looking for a cocktail ring? We have it. Looking for a stand in for your wedding ring to take on vacation instead of  your real set? We have it. Looking for a graduation gift for your daughter? You’ll find it in our catalog. Our price point is $8-$98 so their is something in our jewelry line if you are money conscious and on a budget, or if you feel like you may want to splurge on something new.

One piece that will match any wardrobe is the crystal beaded necklace.

Crystal ConnectionsThis necklace is called Crystal Connections. It has the clear crystal beads lined in gold tones. You won’t need to worry about clashing with any of the bold colors that fall brings with it, such as all the shades of pumpkin, green or brown. The crystal beads can make this an appropriate look for a business meeting or can add a bit of drama to a sheath dress for drinks with your girlfriends.

I hope you will consider adding something like Crystal Connections to your wardrobe this fall. If you are looking to splurge on something new this fall, I’d love to help you out.

Could you see yourself in this set? I can and I cannot wait to wear it myself!

In friendship and style!