SATC Style | Which Character Are You?

In honor of Sex and the City 2 coming out on DVD, I thought it would be fun to examine each of the characters, see what their jewelry style might be and see which one you might relate to most.

Carrie-Adventureous, daring and edgy. Carrie’s character was a writer by trade and came across as witty and ironic in her prose. She was the definite fashion risk taker of the bunch. She was wild and brazen with touches of super feminine finishes. She could pair lace and floral with leather and totally pull it off. I would often watch the show and wonder if I would wear what she had on and the answer was often, NO WAY!

Miranda-Smart, thoughtful and strong.  Miranda is a feminist lawyer at a New York law firm. She believes that men and women should be looked at and valued equally. Her jewelry style would be grown up and bold, nothing too juvenile in appearance. She would love the necklaces that are layered for you… nothing too fancy and nothing too difficult to wear.

Charlotte-Classic, romantic and timeless. Charlotte is Audrey Hepburn/Jackie O, personified. She is the most laid back member of the fabulous foursome. She is a rule follower and definitely likes to walk on the straight and narrow. She would definitely buy the matching set of jewelry and wear it together. If you are a “Charlotte” then you might be drawn to pearls because they represent romantic, timeless pieces of jewelry.

Samantha-Bold, brazen and powerful. Samantha’s character is unique and oddly refreshing. She is not a helpless woman by any means. She is self sufficient and powerful and her attitude and clothing always reflect that. She wears bold, dramatic pieces. Think large enhancers, big stones and colorful in design.

Which character are you? Leave me a comment and tell me which fits you and your personality best.

In friendship and style!