What’s Old is New Again | Jewelry Box Revisited

Do you have a jewelry box that is bursting at the seams? Ever wish you could get some fun fashion advice about how to wear Grandma’s favorite necklace or the pearls you received as a graduation gift? Chances are some of the jewelry you’ve had for years, or inherited, but never knew what to do with, will have an opportunity to make an appearance now. 

Now is a great time to revisit your jewelry box and take inventory of what you have to work with. This season it’s all about long, layered necklaces, big, bold earrings and well placed pins and brooches.  Layer long necklaces with short necklaces and mix pearl strands with chain links until you land on just the right combination. Not much of a necklace person – no problem. Vintage pins look nice placed at the neck of a dress or in their more traditional spot — on the lapel of jackets and/or coats. If you prefer a clean neckline, pull out your handy, wear-with-anything hoop earrings!

My advice? Take some time to look into your jewelry box and see what treasures are in there that you forgot that you had or weren’t really sure what to do with. See if you have a chain necklace and pearls that you can mix together. Pair that combination with a short leather jacket, sequined tank and leggings with tall boots for instant style.

Leave me a message and tell me what fun combination you found hiding in your jewelry box.

In friendship and style!