Must Have | Stretch Bracelets

We all remember the jelly bracelet craze of the 80’s and most recently the Silly Bandz craze that exploded on most elementary and middle schoolers’ arms. I stopped to think about what it was exactly that made these crazes so darn popular. Was it all of the different colors that they came in or the unique shapes that the kids could collect and then trade with their friends? Whatever the appeal was, a lot of people bought into these passing fads.

Floral Affair

Floral Affair

Nowadays, stretch bracelets are not only comfortable but I can confidently say that they are also fashionable and stylish. Take the Floral Affair bracelet pictured here. It is a 7″ stretch bracelet featuring tawny colored enameled flowers set with golden aurora borealis crystals and marquis cut amber-colored beads. It shimmers and shines and will definitely add tasteful sparkle to any outfit.

The fact that it does not have a clasp or closure of any kind has added appeal, in my opinion. No need to fumble with a lobster claw closure early in the morning. No need to worry if the toggle closure will come undone or not, either. The appealing thing for me, is that it sits comfortably on my wrist and does not move around much doing whatever I need to do throughout the day. I can type away and not feel that this is banging around or scraping my desk.

I’ve shown this on a butter yellow pashmina as my background but this bracelet would be beautiful paired with all of the shades of Fall. Try it with pumpkin, olive greens or the luscious shades of chocolate and discover for yourself, the wonderful world of stretch bracelets.

Do you think you’ll add a bracelet like this in to your fall jewelry wardrobe?

In friendship and style…