Must Have | Chandelier Earrings


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One very important tip that I can give anyone about jewelry, is that you should always wear earrings. If you are like a lot of others and really have little time to accessorize in the mornings, I suggest keeping a pair of your favorite chandelier earrings such as these shown above, a watch and a fun ring within reaching distance. Earrings not only draw attention to your face and away from any problem areas, but larger earrings can take 10 pounds off your appearance! Give me several pairs then!! These sassy accessories cascade and  frame your face and the really long ones can show off the curve of a sexy neck.

Wearing fun chandelier earrings like these will add extra pizzazz to your outfit. Chandelier earrings, by definition, have different levels of dangling beads and are especially sexy. It is these beads that create movement and sometimes, added sparkle and shine too.


The shape of the earrings can also make you look better through optical illusions.

A round face can look slimmer if worn with linear earrings, creating an emphasis on the vertical line. Long rectangle earrings can be adjusted to make your face look slimmer. Dangling earrings slim the face too.

Flat features look sharper with angular earrings. The sharp lines of the earrings make your features look sharper.

An angular face with a sharp jaw line can look softer with round earrings. Circles and ovals incorporated into the earring design gives the features a softer look.

What are your favorite pair of earrings? Do you think chandelier earrings will make into your jewelry box this season?


In friendship and style…