A Moment of Reflection

Since losing our Queen Mother, Joan Horner on Sunday, I’ve thought more about why I joined Premier Designs. I first heard of Premier Designs back in 2004 from a friend of mine. She was trying to get another friend of ours to do a home show for her and she mentioned the words “free” and “jewelry” in the same sentence. I thought well heck, I want free jewelry!! So my friend and I did a home show together and while at the show, she mentioned a little bit about the business opportunity. The next week I made plans to attend a meeting to hear more information. Needless to say, two weeks after my first home show, I was signing my paperwork to be a Jeweler myself.

What is it that drew me to Premier, you ask? It was the idea that not only was I showing and selling jewelry (which I love already) but I was a part of the bigger picture. For so long I had been walking around wondering what I was meant to do with my life. Once I found Premier, I knew that my question had been answered. I was a part of a wonderful business that was geared towards ministering to women all over the world. It was more than just going into women’s homes and showing the jewelry. It was about being there to help fill a need that they had. It could have been a need to have companionship after a hard day at work, or time with adults after being around a house full of children all day long or  just a need to have a fun night with girlfriends.

Joan Horner had such a sweet soul and a gentle spirit and I am so blessed to be a part of a company that has her vision and heart at the core of it. We are all better people for knowing her and for being a part of this awesome company. She will be missed terribly. Our next Rally is coming up in January, and I know that we will all be there celebrating her life and her love for all of us. RIP sweet Joan.


In friendship and style…


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