She Makes Me Happy

My girl

I love coming home to my sweet girl, Jess. She is always there to greet me after a long day, after she jumps down from the bed, that is. Jess is a big snuggler too which has been nice these past 10 months not working a full-time job. My hubby would get up in the morning to let her out and then he’d say, “Go find Momma.” She would come running upstairs and jump in my hubby’s vacated spot. We’d snuggle and sleep for a few more hours until, inevitably, I would realize how late it was and reluctantly get up.

Jess is a great therapy dog too. I used to come home and vent to my hubby about my past job but once I loved on her for a while,  she would remind me that there are more important things in life and not to waste my time and energy on being unhappy. I got all of that, just by her being around! She’s so sweet and she is my baby in fur clothes.

I love my little girl and will certainly miss our time together as I start my new adventure tomorrow.


In friendship and style…