I’m So Excited….


This weekend I’ll be going to our Regional Rally in Atlanta to see our new Spring Line of Premier Designs jewelry. Not only do we get to view the new line, but it’s almost like we are transformed back to kids, playing dress up in all of the new items.  It really is a lot of fun to see all shiny new pieces laying on the table. A lot of us get together and head to the Jewelry Playground to see it up close, try it on and try to come up with new combinations of jewelry to show at our home shows too. That is why I love our jewelry line. You can wear a necklace one way one day and then wear it a different way the next!

To the left, you will see Firecracker the way that it is intended to be worn. It’s a naturally layered necklace with bits of jasper and silver medallions. However, to the right you will notice that it can also be worn open and long. You can even layer it with a favorite diamond pendant necklace you may already have or that you received for Christmas.

I’ll be sure to post pictures of Rally and the jewelry so you can feel right there with us!!!Firecracker

In friendship and style…