It’s Time For Rally!!


As I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be going to Atlanta this weekend to see our awesome new line of jewelry. Premier is so very generous to us and it’s going to be such a fun time. Although, it will be sad not to see Andy and Joan there together this year. Her passing was a shock to us jewelers and is still so fresh on our minds. She was such a lovely lady and it was always nice to be able to attend Regional and National Rally’s and see her introducing the new jewelry line to us. She appeared to be so proud while unveiling the new jewelry with her Granddaughter. Andy would always love and dote on her too, which was so sweet and special to see. It was like they invited us into their lives in those precious little moments.

Rally is going to be fun though. Lots of friends are going and I’m rooming with two girls in my downline (My Premier Daughters) and one of my Premier Granddaughters. I love this company and love what they stand for. But most of all, I love being able to get into the homes of ladies and have a fun night!

What are you up to this weekend? Anything fun? Tell me about your plans.

In friendship and style…