2 Words…Regional Rally

Or maybe I should say NEW JEWELRY!!! I just got in from my Premier Designs Regional Rally which is why I’ve missed blogging the past couple of days. I really wanted to upload pics right from Atlanta, but a you know, sometimes electronics does not cooperate when you want it to!

Rally was such an awesome trip. We not only got to see the new Spring Line, but we were able to play in it, try it on, combine it all together to make fun new combinations and even get some really great training too. We laughed, we cried (especially because of Joan), but overall it was a really great weekend. Most of all, we were able to hear Andy and hear him praise his sweet love of 64 years the way that he did. He loved her so very much and we could all feel her with us this weekend. I hope to post the catalog soon for you to view. In the meantime, if you’d like to place an order or hear about how to get FREE jewelry simply by having a few girlfriends over, please leave a message for more information. The average hostess earns $150-$200 in FREE jewelry of her choice. That could be you!!

In closing, I’m going to sign off today the way that Joan would and say, “Keep It Personal.”

Here are some of the pics of the new line: