Tips For Successful Blogging

If you are like me and are new(er) to the blogsphere you may find yourself wondering, “Does anyone even read my blog?” “How will I know if people like what I have to say?” I thought I would take some tips that I’ve learned recently to make you feel more comfortable with your decision to blog.

Here are some tips that I have found to help to measure and maintain your blog’s visual interest.

1-Use the Site Stats (provided by WordPress and other blogs) to see how many hits you are getting on a daily basis. Use these stats to determine what topics and pages people are looking at the most. Then you can focus on blogging more about those subjects.

2-Invite other bloggers to stop by as a guest blogger of the week/month. It not only helps keep things fresh and interesting, but often will entice return viewers to come back to your site by posting different topics of special interest.

3-Use keywords and tags. This will help those users searching for certain topics to find you quickly and efficiently. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to search for jewelry and get a return search of something completely unrelated.

4-Do something to promote your blog and direct others to it. Such as post something on your Facebook page about a special or contest that you are running and direct them to check out your blog for more details. This increased traffic to your page will promote return visitors.

5-Most importantly…be yourself in your writing style. Don’t try to use big words because nine times out of ten, when you misuse one of them, you will lose any credibility you may have had with your reader. It may take a while to decide how you would like to format your page and what things you might want to spotlight. That’s okay. Just be true to yourself and your writing style with develop naturally.


I hope that these tips helped you in some way. Feel free to comment. I’d love to develop blogging buddies to help with the post a day 2011 challenge!


In friendship and style...