Trends | Colors for Spring 2011

Wondering what is going to be hot for fashion AND jewelry this Spring? Look no further.  From the looks of the fashion, Kimono style shirts and jackets will be popular and on the color front, it’s bold colors such a Turquoise and Russet on one side of the spectrum and shimmery nudes and gray tones on the other.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is sure to pop any color outfit.

HOW TO WEAR THIS LOOK:  You can pair this with a white shirt and dress denim pants and your favorite peep toe booties or you can make this set pop by wearing this with monochromatic khaki’s or grays.

Glam Slam & Ice Crystals

Although Glam Slam and Ice Crystals are neutral in color in themselves, you can use these pieces to accentuate your bright colors.

HOW TO WEAR THIS LOOK:  Pair either of these pieces with a deep purple sweater or top and see how the colors compliment each other OR pair these dusky gray tones with pale pinks for a more subtle effect.

You can’t go wrong with either look. Take a look at the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2011. Which is your favorite Spring color?

In friendship and style…