A New Twist on Tradition

So, I’m watching Say Yes to the Dress and it’s amazing to me #1 that these people spend SO much money on a wedding dress and #2 that brides go over the top with the cost of the wedding itself, but they tend to play it safe with the jewelry. I think a lot of times, brides think that pearls are a natural choice for the wedding day, but I really think in 2011, brides can be bolder with their accessory options. Add a crystal brooch on your headband headpiece or add it on a piece of wide ribbon or sash on the dress itself to wear as a belt.

I was watching another wedding show and I saw how brides are choosing to incorporate the “something blue” in to their wedding day. This particular bride wore navy blue peep toe pumps as her something blue.

These may not be peep toe pumps, but these are still gorgeous, nonetheless. These Christian Louboutin satin d’Orsay pumps would add a fabulous twist on one of the traditional elements of your wedding day.

When it comes to weddings, do you prefer the traditional, the modern take on traditions or a combination of both?


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2 thoughts on “A New Twist on Tradition

  1. I think I’m more nontraditional. I want my style & personality to really be a part of my wedding attire. I can see myself in a pair of hot pink satin peep toe pumps, lol. When I was a teenager I wanted to get married in a 1920s flapper dress complete w/ feather headband. Definitely nontraditional!

    • I have been married for 11 years now and when I got married, I definitely did the whole traditional thing. I had the white dress, white shoes, unity candle thing…the whole nine yards. I think though if I were to ever do a vow renewal or something I would definitely bring some unique elements to the show the second time around. I love the idea of hot pink satin peep toe pumps. Talk about HAWT!!!!

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