Green With Envy

I’m not sure if it’s the weather that has me wanting to wear lots of pretty green colors or if it’s the fact that it’s turning into my new favorite color and I’m drawn to it. Either way, I am in love with this pretty shade of green, not to mention a particular new necklace from my Spring Line. The necklace itself speaks to warm temperatures, crystal blue water and sunny beaches. It’s called Costa Rica. I took two different pictures on two different days of two different ways I was wearing it.

I love this necklace not only because of the colors of green and turquoise, but because the fact that I can wear it long or short. One little item called a clip it makes it possible. The versatility of colors and of style makes this a must have for everyone!

Which option do you like best?


In friendship and style…


3 thoughts on “Green With Envy

    • Thank you Melissa! I am loving this shade of green and actually found this sweater at Target. I love a good deal. I agree with you too. The doubled look fits nicely in the frame of this neckline. I’ll have to wear it with my white shirt and take a pic and post it to show it off. Thanks for coming by!!

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