A Touch of Whimsy


I’m totally loving this new Glam Slam ring! Aren’t you? I mean, seriously!!!  This collection of fun, dangling beads provide interest and movement and you have to admit that this something different from your average cocktail ring. That’s probably why I like it so much. In case you have not picked up from my previous posts, I really do not like to look like everyone else. I don’t mind that people have the same jewelry as me, but I like to wear mine differently so that I stand apart from every one else.

This ring is similar to a cocktail style ring in that it is larger in size than normal rings in our catalog and this ring for sure is a conversation starter. I was actually at Gigi’s Cupcakes partaking in a wonderful sugary delight and the girl working at the counter noticed it. She actually commented on it and it was the first time I had ever worn it.  I just love when others notice my jewelry. It just validates my decision to become a jeweler, even more!

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2 thoughts on “A Touch of Whimsy

    • I agree! The stretchy cocktail rings are very easy and comfortable to wear. This one really caught my eye with all of the gray tones in it, PLUS the $29 pricetag is very easy on the accessory budget!

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