It’s a Bright, Sunshiny Day…

After a torrential downpour earlier this week, we’ve been blessed with wonderful spring time temperatures and days full of sunshine. I have enjoyed seeing the wildflowers blooming and the green grass trying to spring back to life. I hope to see the trees blooming soon. That will really announce that Spring is here. The jewelry combination above reminds me of these good times too.

I’ve paired an eclectic yet put together set to show off here. On the butter yellow pashmina backdrop, this set just pops and makes me smile. Some people might think that earth tones might be boring or predictable, I see earth tones as a way to pop an outfit by pairing it with brighter colors like yellow or coral or even white. I’ve been a jeweler since 2004 and I am still amazed at how our jewelry looks when paired with a simple white tee-shirt! Everyone has a white shirt of some kind and why not try this set with a white tee-shirt and khaki capris, a denim skirt or even dressed up with chocolate-brown dress pants. I think you will be surprised at just how many outfits in your closet that this set really can work with.

Shown here: Villa necklace, Bottega earrings, Monte Carlo bracelet

What do you think about this set? Could you see yourself adding this to your accessory wardrobe?


In friendship and style…


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