Monday Blues

So, today is Monday. And while I know that it comes every week, today was the first day in a long while (in my working life) that I decided not to dread it. After all, behind every Monday comes Wednesday which is hump-day and then of course everyone’s favorite TGIF!! Today, I thought that if I wore a nice pop of color, it would help to brighten up my Monday mood and guess what? It worked!! This morning literally flew by. I went into a colleagues office with my jacket on and purse in hand. She was like, “are you cold…(as she looked at the clock) oh my gosh, where did the morning go?” I have to agree with her.

My morning was full of processing orders, satisfying the technology needs for my customers and processing the orders as they came in the door. Needless to say, I was a busy girl today. No matter though, because I was feeling sassy today with my pop of electric blue and my Showstopper necklace and earring set. The picture above will give you an idea of how I wore the set today and the one below shows you the necklace on display. This bib necklace is really a fantastic fit into your accessory collection.

Could you see yourself in this?


In friendship and style…