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I know you have been patiently waiting for me to introduce you to this amazing must have item. Here it is folks, my post about the awesome and extremely useful Clip It from Premier Designs. This is a wonderful addition to your Premier purchases and anything else you have in your jewelry box that maybe you want to shorten and create a layered necklace out of. This Clip It reminds me of the twisty beads from the 80’s. You’d buy all the beaded necklaces and take them, twist them together and then use this to secure them around your neck. This is the same idea.

SHOWN HERE: Shimmer necklace (Silver), Clip It (Silver)

SHOWN HERE: Shimmer necklace (doubled with the Clip It), Mirror Image earrings

TO GET THIS LOOK: All I did was take the necklace clasped together and put the end with the lobster claw closure through the opening of the Clip It. Then I took the other end and put it through the other side and attached it in the back. THAT’S IT!! Easy right?

The Clip It and the Shimmer necklace come in gold or silver tones so you can select the one that is right for you. I paired this necklace and earrings with a chunky ring and of course a fabulous stretch bracelet. Scroll for a couple of more pics.



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