Must Have | Mixed Metals Necklace

So many times I hear about my home shows that ladies are afraid to mix their metals. They have to either wear all gold or all silver. I think at one time, maybe that was the norm, but nowadays, it is so common and so encouraged for you to mix your pieces together. That is how you will get your own signature style and not look so cookie cutter.

This Bottega necklace from Premier Designs is great to help you mix your metal tones together and have it look natural. I have paired it with the Paramount stretch bracelet and the Legacy cocktail ring.  Stretch bracelets are great and super comfortable to wear. They don’t pinch or get in your way if you are typing all day long on the computer. For everyone that says they cannot pull off a big cocktail ring…YOU ARE SO WRONG! I have a petite frame and thin fingers and I did it. YOU can too.

I encourage you to take a look here and here at my full line. If you have any questions about anything let me know!


In friendship and style…