Birthstone | April

For all you lucky April babies out there, the diamond is your birthstone.

The diamond is unique in that it has the unique ability to reflect and refract light into vivid flashes of brilliant color.  The ancient Hindus called the Diamond “Vajra,” meaning lightening, both because of the sparks of light thrown off by this gem as well as its invincible strength.

Did you know that the Diamond is harder than any other substance on earth and can cut glass?

All throughout history you can find diamonds embellishing such items as crowns, swords and emblems as well as jewelry.

Formed deep within the earth where there is intense heat and pressure, Diamonds are simply crystallized carbon.  Volcanic activity of centuries ago brought these gemstones to the earth’s surface, where they are found either within volcanic rock formations or washed out into rivers.  India is thought to be the first river-bed source of Diamond mining, but today these gemstones are found primarily in Australia, the Soviet Union, and Africa.

A gift of a Diamond is symbolic of everlasting love and, after all, they are a girls best friend!  I can’t believe that crystallized carbon could be so beautiful.

In friendship and style…