Must Have | Mixed Metals

Shown here: Bottega Necklace and Earring set.

Are you like a lot of women and think that if you wear gold you have to wear all gold or all silver? I used to think that way…until I started selling jewelry.  Now, I have to admit – I totally embrace the mixed metal look, layering necklaces and stacking bracelets.

I like this necklace because it’s like a well decorated room. It’s got movement, texture and is visually interesting. The dangling circular stations are finished in antiqued matte gold, hematite, imitation rhodium (which is a derivative of platinum) and brass plating. The beads that adorn these stations are smokey and chocolate in color and really complement the necklace as a whole.

The earrings are so light weight that you won’t even feel like you have them in. The majority of our earrings are light weight which I really like. You could wear these to work all day long and even for a night out on the town and your ears won’t pay the price for having done so.

Wear this with all of your neutrals, brown, gray, beige, white or be more daring and wear it with pops of color such as olive-green or yellow. No matter how you choose to wear it, it will be a winner.

In friendship and style…