The Power of Color

I love seeing how colors affect mood in myself and others. I tend to lean towards greens, blues and purples in my clothing choices, but in my home decorations, I lean towards copper and browns tones. Have you ever thought of what your favorite color means? Well then, check this out:

Yellow-This is a color that shows others that you want to be noticed. After all, who can ignore someone wearing a bright and cheery shade such as yellow?

Green-There are so many colors in this family: emerald, kelly, lime, green apple are just a few. These shades could mean that you might be bringing new and fresh ideas to the table. So, the next time you have a meeting where you might be introducing something new, try wearing green to help put you in the right mind set.

Red-Red is not only a power color, but also a stimulant. It’s the color most associated with Valentines Day, love and romance. You may decide to paint your bedroom this color if you want to increase passion and romance. Red is also an attention-getting color. Wear red and watch others notice you.

Orange-This is a color you either love or hate. It is closely associated with red and personally, a favorite of mine. It’s something you can pair with denim, white, gray, black….you name it. It’s fun and flamboyant and with shades such as pumpkin, terra-cotta and peach, everyone is bound to find a shade that works for them.

Pink-This is a youthful color and screams out “I’m young, playful and enthusiastic.” The brighter the pink, the more attention you will attract. The softer the pink the more calm and reassuring your demeanor.

Purple-This color says “I work well with other women, I am creative, innovative and unique.” It’s no wonder that this is a favorite color of a lot of women I know.

Blue-If your favorite color is blue, you are seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed. This color, I feel, has the most shades that I’m in love with. You have indigo, baby blue, turquoise, navy, cerulean and so many more. I love blue because no matter if you are a warm or cool skin tone, you can wear this color.

Which is your favorite color?