Which Are You?

There are 3 types of ladies that come to jewelry shows: Freeda Buy, Freeda Shop & Freeda Make the Big Bucks…which are you?

Freeda Buy is the guest that sees the sales and is all in with whatever that may be. It may be a discount of the evening-say free shipping with a $50 order, or it may be partaking in the special that Premier is running like the one we had out for the month of April.

Freeda Shop is the guest that hears the Hostess Plan and is thinking “heck ya!” Why pay full price when I can create my own collection for Free and Half Price!?!?

Freeda Make the Big Bucks is the guest that attends the show and sees just how easy it is to do what I do and thinks “I could do that.” She smiles to herself when she hears that she can make 50% of everything she sells and knows that every time she has a show is a payday AND she will be having fun while doing it.

Which Freeda are you?