I love my outfit today. This short-sleeved ruffle Oxford shirt in a rich chocolate-brown makes me so happy. Number one, I love the color. Number 2, I love the fit. I have hard time with button down shirts wanting to gape open. When I find shirts that fit me properly, you can be sure that I’m probably going to pick up a couple at a time. Third, and last, I love the price. I got this at New York & Company for $14.99! What a bargain!

I paired this with a nice dressier pair of khaki pants from Target and my fun shoes from Target as well.

I chose to help pull the pops of color up from my feet and bring it up to my face with the jewelry so…Global it is! The necklace has a matte gold finish with different strands of beads sporting drops of a pretty, turquoisey blue color stone. Yes, I realize that turquoisey blue is not a color, but in this case it fits.

I love this outfit! What do you think of all of the color?


3 thoughts on “Global

  1. Love the color! I always tend to pair my Global set with the Chocolate Kiss for a more substantial look.

    I have always had trouble with button-down shirts gaping open as well. I have found that double stick tape is a life saver in this! I have a roll at home, in my desk at work, and in my car. It also helps in those emergencies when a hem comes loose.

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