Must Have | Pops of Color…Firecracker anyone?

I received so many compliments on this yesterday that I think I definitely need to wear red more often! =) I love the true red color of both the shirt and my necklace. I normally do not like to be so matchy-matchy but for some reason this just worked for me. I paired the Firecracker necklace with the Companions earrings and the Monte Carlo cuff bracelet.

As far as the rest of my outfit, I paired this pop of color red top with dark denim jeans and my fun Target shoes. I have realized that my wardrobe choices varies depending on where I’m working. Right now I work at a managed service IT company. That means we can host your entire network with virtual machines at our datacenter so you don’t have the expense of buying all sorts of cumbersome costly machines, or we can filter your emails so that you don’t have all of that junky spam clogging up your inbox. I work in the purchasing department wait, let me rephrase that. I AM the purchasing department. So, not only do I get to spend other people’s money all day long, but I also have to lug it into the storage room. Not so glamorous when you’re all cute wearing a cute summery dress and cute heels.

I’m still working on bridging the gap between cute, comfortable and functional. Any suggestions are most welcome!

What’s your favorite pop of color? Oh, and have you seen my Giveaway? If not, check it out. It’s super easy to enter and you could be the winner of a great piece of jewelry.

In friendship and style….


6 thoughts on “Must Have | Pops of Color…Firecracker anyone?

  1. Great pic and great pairing. Cork shoes always help me on days that I have to be on my feet a bunch and still look cute.

    • Thank you Kelly! I LOVE cork shoes. They are not only comfortable and cute as you said, but they are easy to walk in and help us vertically challenged people! =)

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