Main Event

I have to admit that this necklace may not look like a lot to you in the pic, but it is a truly awesome statement necklace and in my opinion, a must have. Now, don’t look at me in this pic. I look nothing short of awful. I was having a very bad hair day which seems to be the norm these days. And this picture really does not show me in a good light. However; I like the necklace and I love the color purple cardigan I’m wearing and I wanted to show this off.

The beauty of this necklace is that you wear it long and loose like I’ve chosen to do here, or you can twist the strands together for a more streamlined look. The other thing that I like to do is to leave it loose, but attach a brooch to the side of the necklace for a completely different look all together. Lastly, you can unlatch the lobster claw closure, and select one strand to wear behind your head creating a more vertical, longer look. It’s amazing that this one necklace can give you 4 different looks. I’ll try to post the other looks in a future post so that you can see just what I mean.

Main Event is a must have…what do you think about it?

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In friendship and style….