Trend NOT to Follow | Pajama Jeans

Okay, so a few things bother me about the Pajama Jean trend so here goes:

First, the ads try to make them sound so universal trying to say that slim and curvy girls can wear and look good in these jeans.I beg to differ. Not every body type should embrace this look.

Second, they actually promote this look for “when you just run to the grocery store.” In that case, why not throw on a pair of dark denim, REAL jeans. Not ones that feel like pajamas. Taken directly from their page: Feels like sleep-wear but looks too good to keep hidden under the covers .” Really? No, I could totally keep these under the covers and not feel bad about doing so.

Third, the fact that they go through all of the trouble of putting seams, rivets and other adornments to make them jean-like. Is that what contributes to the overall price of them? Probably.

But lastly and most importantly, they are $40!!!! What? Um, no. I would not buy a pajama-like item for $40. You can woo me all day long with the cotton like fabric or with the free t-shirt angle, but… sorry Pajama Jeans. You have not won me over with this one.

What do you think? Would you wear these? If you have them already, tell me what drew you in to buy and how you like them.


In friendship and style…