2011 National Rally

It’s that time again!!! Where thousands (yes, you read that right) of women descend to the Dallas/Fort Worth area seeking out knowledge, fun and most of all….the Premier Designs NEW JEWELRY LINE!! So, here is a little survival guide I’ve put together for those of you first time attendees out there.


Tissues. The testimonials are usually quite moving and this year we are sure to have a celebration of Joan Horner which no doubt will be a touching tribute.

Comfortable Shoes. If you are like me and insist on wearing cute shoes while you’re walking all around the Convention Center, then do yourself a favor and bring a pair of flats or cute, bedazzled flip-flops to give your feet a rest as much as possible.

Band-Aids, Aspirin, Tums and other stomach remedies. Travel sized bottles or packages of Pepto, Pepcid, or Tums. I know that sounds crazy and not too “nice” of a subject to hit around about, but trust me. You will want some relief from any gastrointestinal issues that may arise considering you will be sharing a room with most likely, three other people.

Cardigan. Last year the AC was broken. In Texas. In the dead of summer. BUT….Hopefully this year all will be normal with the AC. Bringing a light-weight cardigan or pashmina is a good idea to throw into your tote bag.

Tote Bag. Normally Premier provides us with a note pad and a tote bag along with all of your badge and tickets for our free items and lunches and most importantly, OUR FREE CATALOG. But, in the even that changes, you will want to bring one. Maybe bring one to use as your carry one bag on the plane ride over and then fold it up and put it in your suitcase if you don’t need it for the trip back.

Snacks, Candy, Gum. Simple granola bars, hard candy, mints and gum are always a good idea when sitting in meetings for an extended period of time.

Cash. There will be vending areas open to purchase drinks but I would say to use cash when doing so. You would hate to wait in line and get your ice-cold Diet Coke and then find out the credit card machine is broken.

Teachable Spirit. A lot of times we think that since we’ve been in a while, we know it all. Rally is meant to be a time to learn new ideas for Home Shows and being with other ladies that share our love of this business. Be sure to bring a good teachable attitude with you.

Manners. This should go without saying, but be sure to turn your cell phone on vibrate or off during meetings and remember not to talk loudly while in session. Others really want to hear what’s going on and can become distracted by conversations around them.


Purse. Consolidate what you can and leave the rest at home. Keeping up with a purse on top of your sweaters and tote bags and catalogs is just too much.

Impatience. It will take some time to get from the Convention Center area to the Exhibit Halls so just be patient and take your time. You’re going to get there and you’re going to get lunch, so there is no need to push your way through the crowd or rush.

See you in Texas!!!!