Blue Is My Favorite Color

It seems that I could wear and talk about this Blue Lagoon necklace all day long! This past weekend was another hot one here in Tennessee and after spending a couple of hours in the heat sweltering, I decided to take this self-portrait. I was very happy with the result too. Las week I decided to cut more length off on my already shrinking hairline. For me, shorter is better.

I love the asymmetrical bob and I was actually in on this trend, before Victoria Beckham made it popular. So, I like to think that I was the trendsetting on that one!  ha! I’m enjoying my shorter locks and I’m confident that it will put the sass back in to this sassy jeweler.

What’s your favorite style? Long, short, curly, straight, up, down, bun or pony tail?

In friendship and style…


One thought on “Blue Is My Favorite Color

  1. I’m not loving my hair right now but when I put on great jewelry, its an easy distraction and very uplifting! Feelin’ good about myself now!

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