Fashion Inspiration | Turquoise

I have a confession to make…I am a Pinterest junkie. Yep, I said it. I browse the Pinterest site looking for DIY ideas, craft ideas and even fashion, beauty and style inspiration. This ensemble above is one that jumped out me when I first saw it.

To me, fashion does not have to mean expensive or trendy, necessarily. It can be economical and classic as long as it fits well and you feel good in it, I say WEAR IT! This is a great example of a truly put together look. It has a neutral toned base reflected in the shirt, sweater and shoes, but has not only visual interest, but style and sass as reflected with the accessories.

Shown Here: Me modeling Cabo from Premier Designs

Wouldn’t Cabo look great with the outfit inspiration above? I think I may just have to try this look out for myself. I’d love to see pics if you opt to try this look too!!!

In friendship and style….



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