CMA Awards | 2011 Predictions



Tonight is the night! It’s time for the 45th Annual CMA Awards. Last year you may remember, we saw several gown changes from Carrie Underwood, cuff bracelets courtesy of Miranda Lambert (now Shelton), and some really fun, chandelier style earrings from Jennifer Nettles.


Tonight, I would expect to see lots more of the same. We will see fun, festive, sparkly dresses along with lots of metallics both in clothing and jewelry, stackable bracelets and cocktail rings. We’ll see floor length gowns and we’ll see some fun, shorter party dresses too. Either way, it will be a fun time to tune in and check it all out.

Who do you love to see all dressed up at the awards show? I hear Faith Hill is debuting a new single and that it’s been since, I think, 2006 since she has appeared at the CMA’s. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I love to see the veterans come out to things like this. George Strait, Reba, Sara Evans, Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney certainly helped to shape the way we view country music today.


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  1. I am such a huge counrty music fan, so every year about this time I get so excited. Watching the CMA’s is always a treat. I just love seeing what everyone is wearing, and watching to see if my favorites win. SO happy Taylor Swift won the big one this year! She so diserves it. Also Yah for The Band Perry…Love them!

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