Christmas List | Use them or Lose them?

So many times I’m asked what I want for my birthday or for Christmas. I try to drop hints all the time when I’m out with my hubby about what is on my gift radar. A lot of times he picks up on that and is able to buy for me with out any input. On the flip side, some times I get gifts that are not on my list. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with any gift that someone takes the time to pick out for me, but I wonder why people ask for the list and then do not use it.

That got me thinking…how many of you are in the same boat? Have you made a wish list and then you don’t receive anything from it? Or maybe you are the type that uses the list as a guideline but then decide to buy something else that you think they will like instead?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! While gifts are not the reason for the season, it has become so commercialized. I hope that in all of the rush and hustle and bustle of the holiday, that you are able to settle down and enjoy your friends, family and loved ones.