New Year 2012

The new year brings lots of new things: new beginnings, new projects, new goals and new experiences. Last year I was able to mark two things off of my bucket list; parasailing and zip lining. Both were awesome and scary at the same time. I’m glad I put my fears behind me and pushed through to do it. Those were two memories that I’ll never forget.

I’m in the process of putting a real bucket list together so that I can start marking more things off.

My resolutions for 2012 are set:

-Lose weight. I’m starting boot camp classes tomorrow morning at 5:30. It’s early but hopefully it will be a change that I can do now and for all year.
– Do more DIY projects. I have some ideas of things to do and I just need to make a list and follow through.
-Save more and get back on our budget. Thanks to Financial Peace we were able to get debt free in 22 months. That was the best feeling ever to pay off our credit cards and close them all. It’s so freeing to not be in debt anymore.
-Buy better clothes. Sounds funny right? I realized that I was trying to not spend a lot of money when I did shop but the quality of what I was buying was not what it should be. I’m vowing in the new year to shop smarter.
-Organize. I’m always more organized than I think I am but in the new year I plan to complete my project of organizing my craft room. Nothing major, but just put everything in its place. Then I’ll feel better about it.

That’s it. My resolutions. Nothing too life changing but things that are necessary. What are your resolutions in 2012?


5 thoughts on “New Year 2012

  1. Great resolutions… very in line with mine, including buying better clothes! I don’t want to lose weight as much as I want to be healthier, more fit and toned. I guess if a lb or two comes off I won’t complain however I really feel having a flatter belly, even if i gain a lb or two, would be fine by me as well! Wishing you a great New Year!!

    • Hey Alyson! I saw that we did make some similar goals for ourselves this year. I think it’s great to set goals and have a support system to keep you motivated and on track. If I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Good luck and Happy New Year!!

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