Making Memories | 2012


Photo: from pinterest via Courtney

Hi, my name is Courtney. I am a DIY-er and I’m addicted to pinterest.

How many of you are with me? Ever since I stumbled upon this wonderful website, I’ve been in love! I love the fact that you can get all sorts of inspiration and ideas all from one site. I’ve pinned so many things, from beauty and fashion inspiration to DIY crafts to try to recipes. It’s been fun to see what people pin to keep them motivated or inspired. I, myself, have several boards but every thing that I do pin, is there for a reason.

Since it’s a new year full of new experiences, I decided to do this fun (and did I mention EASY) idea for 2012. I’m going to take a jar similar to the one above, which is a Classico Spaghetti Sauce jar- and jot down things that happen throughout the year. Since my hubby and I usually stay in for NYE, we can spend this one curled up safe and sound with a bottle of Prosecco, reading all of the fun memories that we’ve captured throughout the year.

Think about all of the inspiration you might get to share on your blog simply by jotting down some fun, interesting, crazy things that happen throughout the year.

In friendship and style…


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