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Bedroom Closet: Reverse Clothes-Hanger Trick

Turn all the clothes hanging in your closet so that the hangers face back-to-front. For the next six months, if you wear an item of clothing, return it to the closet with the hanger facing the correct way. If you try it on but decide not to wear it, make sure you put it back with the hanger turned backward—no cheating. Be prepared for a shock; you are going to find you own lots of clothes you have no use for. You should seriously consider getting rid of anything you don’t wear regularly.

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What a great idea! I will for sure be doing this. I often stand in my closet feeling that I have a closet full of nothing to wear. This will be proof positive of 1) my go-to pieces that I wear consistantly and 2) the items that I truly never wear and wouldn’t miss if I were to pass them on to someone else.

What do you think about this trick? Do you think you’ll be trying this, as well? Let me know if you do!

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    • Ha! I’m the same way, but for some reason I can’t part with certain pieces of clothing even though I don’t wear them anymore. At least this will force me to realize what I truly don’t wear. =)

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