So, I’ve totally been on hiatus for quite awhile now. Have you missed me? Aw shucks! Lots of things have been going on my way. I’m still working hard on my fitness goals for this year and I’m trying to get out and live life. For instance, I’m not one to like heights (understatement of the year), but for my hubby’s birthday we went indoor skydiving. It was HOT but a lot of fun. I was able to get pretty high up in the chamber thanks to my good form and thanks to my instructor for helping me too.

I haven’t been doing much at all with the jewelry business part of my life. I’m really taking some time to step and re-prioritize what I want and not try to be a people-pleaser when it comes to that business. I’ve lost some team members due to life things, i.e. businesses expanding, children getting older etc. I’m sad to have lost them as part of my team, but I think that we’ve built relationships that will continue on after that is over.

Thank you to everyone that has stuck in there with me via Facebook and/or Twitter. I’m still around so feel free to stop by any time!

Until next time…

In friendship and style…