How To | Wear Turquoise and Brown

How To | Wear Turquoise and Brown

Silk party dress
£145 –

Paris Hilton platform shoes
$81 –

Genuine leather handbag
$395 –

Yellow gold jewelry
£35 –

Miss Selfridge circle jewelry
£14 –

Mykita metal shades
$475 –


How To | Wear Fuschia

How To | Wear Fuschia

Sass Bide draped dress
$465 –

Balmain slimming pants
$872 –

Gucci leather high heels
$1,190 –

Max Mara camel bag
£660 –

Ippolita earrings
$295 –

Shashi jewelry
$48 –

Club Manhattan silver jewelry
€20 –

How To | Wear a Party Dress

Source via: Pinterest via Courtney 

One my earlier posts showed a LBD and some fun accessories to go along with it. Imagine my excitement to see this beauty on Pinterest. This fun dress has a bit of a fuller skirt to it than the sheath style dress my creation had, but the necklace is very similar. This is as wonderful way to take a neutral shaded, party dress and add some subtle pizzazz to wake it up.

The necklace that I would pair with this dress would be Showstopper. Of course, the dress would need to be in another shade other than silver in order to really make this necklace pop. I would LOVE to see this color palette reversed so that the dress was this deep, rich plum and the jewelry sparkled like icing on the cake.

Could you see yourself in this fun dress? Is this more of a party dress or a dress you’d wear to an event, such as a wedding? Let me know!!

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Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Oasis ruched dress
$140 –

Bebe platform pumps
$120 –

Lace handbag

Swarovski red cocktail ring
$270 –

Colored Tights

Fall has definitely arrived in East Tennessee and I love it!!! The leaves are starting to turn colors which is so pretty to watch. I love that on my drive home, not only do I get to see the Smoky Mountains, but I get to watch as the tree lines dotted with golds, oranges and reds become more vibrant.

Today was going to be a chilly one. It was dreary and gloomy for most of the day. In fact, it was definitely an Eeyore kind of day. Oh bother! I wanted to dress stylish yet warm so here is what I came up with. I put on a fall inspired, rust-colored shirt and paired it with my denim skirt from New York and Company. I took a page from a fellow blogger, and finished off my outfit with rust colored tights to keep my legs warm and my tall chocolate brown boots.

What do you think? Do you like the look? Would you wear colored tights in your own daily wardrobe? If you do already, what’s your favorite look that you add them to?

I want to hear from you, so leave me some comment love and tell me about it!

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Red Hot Fun

Shown Here: Botanical necklace layered with Red Hots

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you’ll see that I’ve shared with you how easy and on trend it is to layer your necklaces. Since before becoming a jewelry consultant I wouldn’t dream of wearing more than one necklace, I love the fact that I can learn to step outside my comfort zone and embrace this new way of accessorizing.

The pop of red is bright even to liven up your outfit and subtle enough not to overpower it. Red itself is a very powerful color so using it in little pops is a great way to put a pep in your step without looking like you are trying too hard. I recently saw a lady wearing an entire red suit. I can appreciate that fact that she wanted the bright pop of color, however; it made her seem like she was trying to hard or that she was wearing a female version of a santa suit. It was not the best way to wear a power suit.

What do you think of this set? Do you like the contrast between the neutral, matte silver finish of Botanical with the subtle color in Red Hots?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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What is your Favorite Accessory?

I’ve realized since working in the jewelry world that maybe not everyone has my same taste or sense of style. It’s been so great to realize that. I know it sounds crazy, but I enjoy seeing what my blogger friends are wearing and it sort of empowers me to step outside the box and try something new.

So today my question to you, fellow fashion bloggers and jewelry junkies…what is your favorite accessory? Today mine was this pumpkin orange pashmina decorated with the Golden Girl pin from my Premier Designs catalog.

I’d love to hear what your favorite is right now! Leave me a comment below.

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