Spring Polka Dots

Photo: via Courtney on Pinterest

I love everything about this outfit. From the sandals, to the oversized handbag to the fun spring polka dot blouse. I could totally see myself wearing this doing anything from shopping with my girlfriends, to brunch on Sunday. Could you see yourself in this outfit too? What do you like most about it?

In friendship and style…



Photo source pinterest via Megan Gallagher

I love turquoise! How can you not? It’s bright and cheerful and for me, it’s a color that makes me happy whenever I wear it. Since Spring is making an appearance I thought I would share this great outfit and of course, showcase the jewelry! The sweater can provide a quick fix to those evenings when there is still a chill in the air. The bag is practical and again providing a lovely pop of color to the neutral tones of the outfit. The Dream Catcher earrings reflect every color in the rainbow and the Gateway bracelet is a fun, sparkly stretch bracelet. Comfortable for work and play!

What do you think?

In friendship and style…

Inspiration Outfit | 2011 CMA Awards – Sara Evans

Inspiration Outfit | 2011 CMA Awards - Sara Evans

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania corset top
$195 – my-wardrobe.com

Vince Camuto slim fit tuxedo pants
$89 – lordandtaylor.com

Platform shoes
150 AUD – sirenshoes.com.au

Tarnish black studded belt
$54 – nordstrom.com

Ellis Faas ‘E103’ Creamy Eyes
23 – liberty.co.uk

RGB Nail Polish Oxblood
$14 – dearfieldbinder.com
So, I know that Sara had on a long-sleeved shirt tonight during her performance, so I took some liberties with this corset top, but I really like how it turned out. I love the basic yet stylish look of this outfit. Tuxedo pants, great heels and pops of color with makeup, nail color and even accessories is a sure fired way to look put together and polished. What do you think? I need to be invited to an event soon so I can recreate this look. This definitely has style and sass!

Fashion Inspiration | Turquoise

I have a confession to make…I am a Pinterest junkie. Yep, I said it. I browse the Pinterest site looking for DIY ideas, craft ideas and even fashion, beauty and style inspiration. This ensemble above is one that jumped out me when I first saw it.

To me, fashion does not have to mean expensive or trendy, necessarily. It can be economical and classic as long as it fits well and you feel good in it, I say WEAR IT! This is a great example of a truly put together look. It has a neutral toned base reflected in the shirt, sweater and shoes, but has not only visual interest, but style and sass as reflected with the accessories.

Shown Here: Me modeling Cabo from Premier Designs

Wouldn’t Cabo look great with the outfit inspiration above? I think I may just have to try this look out for myself. I’d love to see pics if you opt to try this look too!!!

In friendship and style….


What is your Favorite Accessory?

I’ve realized since working in the jewelry world that maybe not everyone has my same taste or sense of style. It’s been so great to realize that. I know it sounds crazy, but I enjoy seeing what my blogger friends are wearing and it sort of empowers me to step outside the box and try something new.

So today my question to you, fellow fashion bloggers and jewelry junkies…what is your favorite accessory? Today mine was this pumpkin orange pashmina decorated with the Golden Girl pin from my Premier Designs catalog.

I’d love to hear what your favorite is right now! Leave me a comment below.

In friendship and style…

Blue Is My Favorite Color

It seems that I could wear and talk about this Blue Lagoon necklace all day long! This past weekend was another hot one here in Tennessee and after spending a couple of hours in the heat sweltering, I decided to take this self-portrait. I was very happy with the result too. Las week I decided to cut more length off on my already shrinking hairline. For me, shorter is better.

I love the asymmetrical bob and I was actually in on this trend, before Victoria Beckham made it popular. So, I like to think that I was the trendsetting on that one!  ha! I’m enjoying my shorter locks and I’m confident that it will put the sass back in to this sassy jeweler.

What’s your favorite style? Long, short, curly, straight, up, down, bun or pony tail?

In friendship and style…


I love my outfit today. This short-sleeved ruffle Oxford shirt in a rich chocolate-brown makes me so happy. Number one, I love the color. Number 2, I love the fit. I have hard time with button down shirts wanting to gape open. When I find shirts that fit me properly, you can be sure that I’m probably going to pick up a couple at a time. Third, and last, I love the price. I got this at New York & Company for $14.99! What a bargain!

I paired this with a nice dressier pair of khaki pants from Target and my fun shoes from Target as well.

I chose to help pull the pops of color up from my feet and bring it up to my face with the jewelry so…Global it is! The necklace has a matte gold finish with different strands of beads sporting drops of a pretty, turquoisey blue color stone. Yes, I realize that turquoisey blue is not a color, but in this case it fits.

I love this outfit! What do you think of all of the color?

Trends for Fall 2010 | Signature Coat

A coat is not just a coat and it’s not just an outer layer to keep you warm in the cooler temperatures. A coat is just like an accessory and it can make or break your outfit. Check out this signature coat from DKNY. Not only is this a fantastic style, but oh my gosh…the possibilities in accessories are endless. The ruffled stand up collar is very unique and since this covers your neckline, you could opt for a chunky bracelet and a bold cocktail ring rather than going with a statement piece necklace.

Melrose is a new cocktail ring from our Holiday Collection catalog. It’s fun swirl design with crystal trim detail adds just enough sparkle to your outfit without being too much. Pair the DKNY signature coat with a crisp white shirt and dark denim jeans and then add fun sparkly accessories to really stand out in the crown. After all, every girl needs sparkle in her wardrobe, whether it’s a sequined top or fun sparkly shoes or in her accessories.

Create your own style with your signature coat this Fall.