Classy Red

Classy Red

Cotton t shirt

Diane von Furstenberg red coat
$535 –

Yves Saint Laurent platform pumps
$620 –

Anya Hindmarch tote handbag
$1,795 –

Swarovski ring


Question of the Day | Gold or Silver


No matter what type of shopper you may be – whether you are a jewelry junkie or accessory challenged, you probably have a preference as to whether you like gold or silver accessories. I am a silver junkie. I love all accessories (including handbags and even shoes) in silver. Gold? Not-so-much.

I have a love/hate relationship with gold, I think. Growing up that is all I wore, but slowly over the years, that has changed. I like silver against my more olive-y skin tone which I think makes a big difference.

Which do you prefer? Do you like the warm tones of gold or the coolness of silver?


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Question Of The Day | Twitter

For those readers that are not familiar with Twitter, here is the skinny. Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to micro blog using 140 characters or less. You can follow celebrities, musicians, news sites and other twitter individuals that you find interesting. You can also have people who choose to follow you and receive your micro blogs or updates in their timeline. It’s an easy way to communicate to your followers about ideas, thoughts, recipes, news worthy tidbits or even photos that you want to share. If you’re not already, you should follow me on twitter!

My question of the day is for all of you seasoned twitter users. What prompts to you: a) follow someone on twitter and b)RT something that you saw in your timeline?

Leave me a quick comment and let me know what gets you engaged on social media sites?

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Marvelous Monday | Cutting Edge

I’m really not too keen on photos of myself, but considering all of the lifestyle changes I’ve made in 2012, I thought I’d post a pic of my progress. I’m down almost 10lbs which is great on one hand and frustrating on another. I’ve been doing boot camp classes with my hubby since January and love the class. I really like the fact that you are using your own strength and body weight for most of the exercises. My biggest fear in working out is getting too bulky. But, I have to say after working with Becky Fox for a while I see that that is not going to happen. So, the great thing is that I’m down 10lbs! The frustrating part is that I’m ONLY down 10lbs.

I know that men and women lose weight at different rates, but imagine how frustrating it is when your hubby is down 40lbs and you’re no where close! Don’t get me wrong. I’m so extremely, incredibly excited for him and love that he is so devoted to his goals. I just wish I was seeing similar results. I called my endocrinologist to check my thyroid levels. I went in for an A1C test and a basal metobolic panel. Needless to say, I received the call yesterday that all my bloodwork came back great. So, I’m back to square one with my weight loss situation. But, I’m hopeful that trying to go gluten-free might be the way for me. I did try it for about a week before calling my doctor and I lost 2lbs that week. Maybe there is something to this after all! =)

If anyone has any advice, tips or tricks for going gluten-free I’d love to hear them. I’m really hoping that this might be the way for me to go.

Oh yeah, and the jewelry I’m wearing above is the awesome Cutting Edge necklace and matching earrings, with the Down to the Wire ring. LOVE this set!

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Marvelous Monday | Frosted

I’m very excited to announce my new blog  feature. I’m calling on all of my friends to snap some pics of their great outfits but namely, pics of themselves wearing my awesome Premier Designs jewelry! This is my first ever Marvelous Monday post. Meet Anita. She is a friend of mine back from high school. Through Facebook, I’ve been able to reconnect with her and even help her purchase some beautiful baubles for your jewelry box.

The set she is wearing is called Frosted. It’s an awesome layered necklace with, you guessed it, frosted beads. The beautiful thing with a set like this is that it will go with literally everything you decide to pair it with. It’s a great versatile set to wear dressed up for date night or paired with a fun solid tee-shirt and jeans to stroll around town running errands.

No matter how you choose to wear it you can’t go wrong! I love this look on Anita and it will look great on you too. If you want more details about it or want to see a catalog of the entire line, just let me know!
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My Current Obsession


source: Maybelline 

I’ve realized that I am like a lot of people…a creature of habit. My husband would totally agree with this and I’m not ashamed to admit it either.

I tend to order the same thing at restaurants, pick the same outfits to wear and even pick the same shade of nail polish in various brands. Typically my makeup routine is very quick and easy and my shades are all pretty safe. However this time, I went out side of the box while visiting the Ulta store.

I needed to new shade of lipstick that wasn’t too light and not in the same color family as all the rest. I saw this one called Fuschia Forever and thought I’d give it a try. I must say, I love it. It’s a perfect shade of pink and is not frosty like some of the others I’ve seen. I don’t do frosted lipstick anymore. After all, it’s not the 80’s.

If you’re looking for something new to try, I highly suggest to give this long lasting lip formula a try. I think you’ll be pleased that you did. What is your favorite shade of lipstick? Are you a creature of habit like me?

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