New cut + New color = New me!

After months of debating about whether or not to an oldie but a goodie style, I finally decided to go for it. I’ve been letting my hair grow for quite a while now, but I am an emotional eater and recently learned, an emotional hair cutter. If I’m bored with my hair, I want to chop it off. For the past few months though, my stylist and good friend has helped me to not cut from boredom but rather try to find a style that would work for me. So, one month we did a new color, the next we’d cut come layers in it and so on. Yesterday though, I was ready to make the change and I’m really happy I did.

The color is darker and closer to my natural dark hair. I love my natural red highlights and you would think I would love them more when I try to play them up with color. However; that is not so. The red gets too brassy looking and I’m sorry, but if I see noticeable roots I feel like I need to color it.

So, the above angled longer bob is the final result. I think I’ll keep it here for a while. Well until my stylist talks me into letting it grow again. =)

JEWELRY: Fiesta set. You can’t see it but there is one pop of orange stone that is on the necklace and I love wearing it with this vibrant orange 3/4 length sweater.

Are you looking for a summer style? If so, tell me about it!


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