A New Year Means New Beginnings

Since we are ushering in a new year full of new things I thought now would be a good time to introduce a new blog into the mix. I originally started this blog as a way to help showcase my jewelry business but often, I found myself wanting to share more than just posts about fashion or accessories. So, I thought a new venue that would allow me to share whatever strikes me at that time, might be the way to go. I hope you’ll come and check it out! It’s going to be hard to get another blog started but I hope you’ll consider visiting often, leaving me wonderful comments and maybe finding some inspiration enough to share it on your blogroll.

Come find me at: southernstyleandsass.wordpress.com.

Happy blogging in 2013!


Out with the Old, In with the New

I cannot believe that it’s already January and already a new year! I hope you all had a great time ringing in the new year. 2012 brought lots of great memories, but also brought lots of hard times and tears. My hubby and I made a lot of health and lifestyle changes which have been great, but in 2012 I lost both my Grandma and Grandpa-within two months of each other. 

I know that in this life we will all experience sadness at the loss of loved ones, but these were my first family members that I’ve lost and it was very, very difficult. Christmas-time was bittersweet for me. I didn’t want to travel to Florida to see family because I knew that I would not be seeing my grandparents. I was a real Scrooge! I had a great visit of course, but it was very hard to go to the cemetery and know that I would not be able to see or hug them again.

I’m vowing that in 2013, I will adhere to my dream board of things I want to see, do and experience in this new year. I hope you all will stick around with me to see how it all unfolds. This blog may switch gears a bit in terms of content but I hope that you will still enjoy it.

Heres to a wonderful, healthy and prosperous New Year!

In friendship and style…

Making Memories | 2012


Photo: from pinterest via Courtney

Hi, my name is Courtney. I am a DIY-er and I’m addicted to pinterest.

How many of you are with me? Ever since I stumbled upon this wonderful website, I’ve been in love! I love the fact that you can get all sorts of inspiration and ideas all from one site. I’ve pinned so many things, from beauty and fashion inspiration to DIY crafts to try to recipes. It’s been fun to see what people pin to keep them motivated or inspired. I, myself, have several boards but every thing that I do pin, is there for a reason.

Since it’s a new year full of new experiences, I decided to do this fun (and did I mention EASY) idea for 2012. I’m going to take a jar similar to the one above, which is a Classico Spaghetti Sauce jar- and jot down things that happen throughout the year. Since my hubby and I usually stay in for NYE, we can spend this one curled up safe and sound with a bottle of Prosecco, reading all of the fun memories that we’ve captured throughout the year.

Think about all of the inspiration you might get to share on your blog simply by jotting down some fun, interesting, crazy things that happen throughout the year.

In friendship and style…

New Years Treats

Photo shared from Pinterest via Jennifer – Fab Fatale

With all of the various events going on to ring in the New Year, I thought it might be nice to just spend a quiet evening at home, safe and sound. What better way to do that than with these fun champagne jello shots. They look fun and festive and I bet they taste even better.

No matter what you are doing this New Years Eve, I hope you are safe and with the ones you love.

Happy 2012!

In friendship and style…