Organizing Tips | Makeup Makeover

Do you ever stop and take stock of your makeup collection? Do you tend to buy the same shades of lipstick, lip gloss and nail polish just in different brands? Guilty! I do that a lot. So much so that my husband has even called me out on it. We’ll be at Walgreen’s and I will be over looking at all of the polish. I gravitate towards reds and vibrant pinks for my toes. He’ll see me pick up a bottle and in a very matter-of-fact way, remind me that I have a similar shade (or two) at home.

I never knew that all make up has an expiration date. I mean, it makes total sense, but I just never thought of it before. I have noticed it either stamped on the item itself or on the packaging. Mascara has a smaller lifespan, than say lipstick, because it is closer to the eyes. Mascara should have a 3-4 month shelf life. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing in a sharpie, the date that I purchase (ie 1/12). That helps me remember when I need to replace it.  Looking at some of my other beauty products, I noticed that my face lotion has about a 12 month shelf life and perfumes have three years.

I have to admit that I am guilty of hanging on to Bath and Body Works products for far too long. I see their sale and stock up, only to find that I don’t really like or use their products too much. They have too much alcohol in them and therefore, dry my skin out. I’m also guilty of hanging on to perfume for too long. I just threw away a bottle of the perfume I wore I my wedding day. I just celebrated my twelve-year anniversary!

So,  I challenge you to rummage through your stash and weed out all of the old, expired or tired items you are holding on to. And don’t be sad to see them go. That just means you get to have fun replacing them all!!

In friendship and style…