Looks for a White T-Shirt

Who doesn’t have a plain white t-shirt that they like to wear? I know I have several. Scoop neck, v-neck, boat neck…it doesn’t matter the neckline. I rock them all! I like wearing them under colorful shrugs and cardigans or by themselves with colorful denim (which is totally on trend right now.) Not sure how to wear this trend? This is a perfect example of how to embrace colored denim for yourself.

Here are some pics of how jewelry can change the look of a simple tee simply by changing it up.





Which is your favorite look?

In friendship and style…



Photo source pinterest via Megan Gallagher

I love turquoise! How can you not? It’s bright and cheerful and for me, it’s a color that makes me happy whenever I wear it. Since Spring is making an appearance I thought I would share this great outfit and of course, showcase the jewelry! The sweater can provide a quick fix to those evenings when there is still a chill in the air. The bag is practical and again providing a lovely pop of color to the neutral tones of the outfit. The Dream Catcher earrings reflect every color in the rainbow and the Gateway bracelet is a fun, sparkly stretch bracelet. Comfortable for work and play!

What do you think?

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In a nutshell

I realized recently that my last blog was over a month ago, yikes!! I’m not really sure where the time has gone and why  it’s been so long since the last one, but lots of things have happened since then.

First of all, my hubby and I have been doing boot camp classes. That goes along with our weight loss challenge that we have with my in-laws and with our own weight loss goals. My hubby has lost an amazing 22 lbs!!! I, on the other hand, am down only 6.3 lbs. BUT, after several years of only seeing weight gains and trying to figure out what my thyroid medicine dosage needs to be, ANY loss is a win in my book!!!

That was the good news. Now, on to the not-so-good news. I lost my sweet Grandmother and am actually in FL to attend her funeral. She is my first close relative that I’ve lost and it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. To top it off, my Grandfather was rushed to the ER a week to the day after she was. Needless to say, we’ve all been holding our breath as we see what twists and turns his health might take. I cannot believe that I’ve lost part of such a wonderful couple. They were married 64 years! Can you imagine? I hope to be that lucky.

Hopefully once I get home and get back into the swing of things, I’ll be blogging more often. So, until then…

In friendship and style…


Making Memories | 2012


Photo: from pinterest via Courtney

Hi, my name is Courtney. I am a DIY-er and I’m addicted to pinterest.

How many of you are with me? Ever since I stumbled upon this wonderful website, I’ve been in love! I love the fact that you can get all sorts of inspiration and ideas all from one site. I’ve pinned so many things, from beauty and fashion inspiration to DIY crafts to try to recipes. It’s been fun to see what people pin to keep them motivated or inspired. I, myself, have several boards but every thing that I do pin, is there for a reason.

Since it’s a new year full of new experiences, I decided to do this fun (and did I mention EASY) idea for 2012. I’m going to take a jar similar to the one above, which is a Classico Spaghetti Sauce jar- and jot down things that happen throughout the year. Since my hubby and I usually stay in for NYE, we can spend this one curled up safe and sound with a bottle of Prosecco, reading all of the fun memories that we’ve captured throughout the year.

Think about all of the inspiration you might get to share on your blog simply by jotting down some fun, interesting, crazy things that happen throughout the year.

In friendship and style…

New Years Resolution | Losing Weight

Photo source: here.

One of my resolutions is typical of most people’s at the new year. I don’t know why we wait until January to start a new lifestyle change or work out routine, but nevertheless, it is MORE than time to get in shape. I hate to admit this but I’m on the back side of my mid-30’s and while I’m really not looking forward to turning 40, it is a fact of life. So, I have made a conscious decision to face it like a big girl.

Since Jan 1, I’ve made an effort to track my calories thanks to the My Fitness Pal app and drink more water. A lot more water. Like so much of it, that I’m over it (but in a good way!) =) Today I started a boot camp fitness class for a month. My changes have paid of too since I’m already down 2.5lbs! You ladies will know exactly what I mean when I say I’m excited about that loss. It’s so hard for me to lose any weight as a woman already, but since being diagnosed with thyroid issues about 2-1/2 years ago, it’s really been hard.

I will take this victory as a positive and press on with my plan. I have a bet with my hubby and his parents to see who can lose the most weight by May 31st. The winner gets cash and I plan on capitalizing on another resolution, to buy better clothes, when I win!

Encouragement/kind words are accepted and greatly appreciated!!! Wish me luck!

In friendship and style…

New Year 2012

The new year brings lots of new things: new beginnings, new projects, new goals and new experiences. Last year I was able to mark two things off of my bucket list; parasailing and zip lining. Both were awesome and scary at the same time. I’m glad I put my fears behind me and pushed through to do it. Those were two memories that I’ll never forget.

I’m in the process of putting a real bucket list together so that I can start marking more things off.

My resolutions for 2012 are set:

-Lose weight. I’m starting boot camp classes tomorrow morning at 5:30. It’s early but hopefully it will be a change that I can do now and for all year.
– Do more DIY projects. I have some ideas of things to do and I just need to make a list and follow through.
-Save more and get back on our budget. Thanks to Financial Peace we were able to get debt free in 22 months. That was the best feeling ever to pay off our credit cards and close them all. It’s so freeing to not be in debt anymore.
-Buy better clothes. Sounds funny right? I realized that I was trying to not spend a lot of money when I did shop but the quality of what I was buying was not what it should be. I’m vowing in the new year to shop smarter.
-Organize. I’m always more organized than I think I am but in the new year I plan to complete my project of organizing my craft room. Nothing major, but just put everything in its place. Then I’ll feel better about it.

That’s it. My resolutions. Nothing too life changing but things that are necessary. What are your resolutions in 2012?