Question of the Day | Gold or Silver


No matter what type of shopper you may be – whether you are a jewelry junkie or accessory challenged, you probably have a preference as to whether you like gold or silver accessories. I am a silver junkie. I love all accessories (including handbags and even shoes) in silver. Gold? Not-so-much.

I have a love/hate relationship with gold, I think. Growing up that is all I wore, but slowly over the years, that has changed. I like silver against my more olive-y skin tone which I think makes a big difference.

Which do you prefer? Do you like the warm tones of gold or the coolness of silver?


In friendship and style…


Fashion Friday | Contemporary

Starting with my new blog format I’ve decided that the post a day challenge last year was something that I just couldn’t keep up with consistently. So, this year, I’m going to do the post a week challenge instead. There might be some weeks that I’ll post more than just once, but at least this way, I can be sure that I hit that goal and not run out of fun things to share with everyone. Having said that, I’m going to start Fashion Fridays. That’s when I’ll share something fun from the fashion world. It may be celebrity fashion or maybe a recreation of an outfit with my fun jewelry line accessories.

Today, I’m staring this awesome new bangle bracelet from our new Spring Jewelry Collection. It’s called Contemporary. I LOVE IT!!! I have smaller wrists but when I saw this, I knew I was buying it. Contemporary is a hinged bangle and it is very comfortable to wear too.

The shiny silver finish is nice and can be worn with a more casual outfit to run errands on the weekend, or even dressed up and worn to the office. Either way that you decide to wear it will work and that’s what I love most about this jewelry.

What do you think of Contemporary?

In friendship and style…